March 30, 2017


In accordance with the “Implementation Agreement” signed by CNES and NASA on 2 May 2014, the undertakings and responsibilities of the two agencies are as follows:


  • Supply of the spacecraft bus, including the payload mass memory, and responsibility for satellite integration and tests
  • Supply of the radio-frequency system for the main KaRIn instrument
  • Supply of a Ku- and C-band nadir altimeter and the DORIS instrument
  • Supply of the satellite Command and Control Centre, the S- and X-band stations and related operations
  • A Command and Control mission ground segment for the French instruments and for processing the nadir payload data, as well as a processing centre for developing hydrology products for Eurasia (levels 1 and 2) and distributing all the mission products for oceans and land surfaces


  • Prime contractor for the main KaRIn instrument and payload module
  • The radiometer and high-precision GPS
  • The onboard X-band telemetry system
  • Development and testing of the integrated payload module
  • The launch system
  • A mission ground segment with construction of a processing centre for level 1 and 2 KaRIn products

A cooperation agreement was signed by CNES and UKSA on 29 September 2014. UKSA is funding development of the RFU duplexer by COMDEV UK.

NASA and the Canadian Space Agency signed a cooperation agreement in 2014. The CSA is funding development of the RF amplifiers (EIK) to be integrated in KaRIn.